Collection: Tapes

These adhesive tapes that are designed to work in conjunction with waterproofing membranes.

These tapes are used to create a continuous, airtight, and watertight seal around the edges, seams, and penetrations of the membrane, helping to prevent the intrusion of air, water, and moisture into a building.

Some common uses of membrane tapes include:

  1. Sealing membrane seams: tapes are often used to seal the seams between sheets of waterproofing or air barrier membranes, ensuring that there are no gaps where air or moisture can infiltrate the building.
  2. Sealing membrane penetrations: When pipes, wires, or other elements penetrate through a waterproofing or air barrier membrane, tapes are used to seal around these penetrations, ensuring that there are no gaps where air or moisture can enter

Overall, tapes are an important component of building envelope systems, helping to ensure that the building is airtight and watertight, which is essential for energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and protection of the building structure.

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