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Alternate Flow Supply & Extract Fan with Heat Retention



Alternate Flow Supply & Extract Fan with Heat Retention

  • A higher airflow range version of the MORI HR 100

  • Automatically alternates between supply and extract modes as standard

  • Can be synchronised to work with other units in a home

  • Ultra quiet operation

  • High efficiency heat retention

  • Very low power consumption

  • Wide operating airflow range

  • Optional hard wired user on/off, speed control and alternate flow override controller available

  • 5 year warranty

A continuously running, low energy, ultra quiet, alternate flow supply and extract fan with heat retention for use in habitable areas such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, basements and hallways.

The unit helps a room “breathe” and reduces indoor air pollutants and humidity levels. The unit is ideal for tackling problems associated with condensation dampness such as mould growth.

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Every 70 seconds the unit alternates between supply and extract fan modes. When in extract mode the unit’s high efficiency ceramic heat exchanger collects and retains heat from the extracted air. The majority of this heat is then transferred to the incoming air during supply mode.

This method of operation avoids the short circuiting of air that can often happen with conventional single room heat recovery units, resulting in much more effective room ventilation.

Units can also be set to work in harmony with each other e.g. when a unit in one room is extracting air another unit in another room can be set to supply air. This can greatly enhance cross ventilation and ventilation effectiveness in a home.


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