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Iso Therm internal wall insulation 7.125 m2 kit

Iso Therm internal wall insulation 7.125 m2 kit

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ISO THERM internal wall insulation is an ultra thin specially woven polyester based thermal wall insulation , it is flexible and lightweight and will accommodate a plaster skim finish.

It is fixed in place using ISO-THERM Adhesive trowelled onto the wall at a depth of 5mm.

Benefits of ISO THERM internal wall insulation.

Ultra thin - only 4mm thickness.

Flexible - Easily cuts around light switches and sockets. In most cases door architraves and skirtings can remain in place.

Because of its high thermal benefit it is highly resistant to the formation of surface mould.

When applied directly to sound plastered walls it can be applied in a short space of time and with minimum disruption. Once applied it can be finished with a plaster skim and painted.

ISO-THERM is vapour permeable, but waterproof, thereby resisting any lateral damp transference, and stopping the subsequent natural
any lateral damp transference, and stopping the subsequent natural surface nitrates and chlorides forming as an efflorescent salt.
Because if its high thermal benefit, and the withholding of any natural damp transference it is highly resistant to any formation of surface mould.

The sheer speed of application of ISO THERM, and the ability to apply direct to sound plastered walls, means that large areas can be applied in a very short space of time, and save for the plaster skim coat and painting, both residential and commercial properties suffering from cold and damp/mouldy walls can be improved substantially with the minimum of disruption.

Sold in a handy 7.125 m2 kit which includes the Wall Insulation and adhesive.


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